"Smart is Self-Taught." Students who practice being thoughtful about their school work become efficient learners and build their capacity to learn more difficult ideas in the future. In StudyWhiz, students make their thinking visible. That is, they leave tracks of their thinking that can be used effectively in testing and homework. StudyWhiz's goal is for students to take control of their own learning. Learners are changed from passive, teacher-dependent students to active, confident, self-directed students. StudyWhiz is a learning system that provides a step-by-step progression of learning prompts that help students become more efficient by emphasizing how ideas fit together. These learning prompts are called "MindFrames" because each represents learning from a slightly different perspective. Combined, these MindFrames follow the natural cycle of all learning. StudyWhiz is an information management system that enhances memory and transfer.


Why StudyWhiz?
Whether you are a student, a parent, or a teacher, there are good answers for you to the question: Why StudyWhiz? Would you please take the time to read the letter the authors of StudyWhiz have written to you about this?

Letter to Students

Letter to Parents and Teachers

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