Michael Fullan, Ph.D.

Students (and their parents):

Study Whiz can be the simplest most powerful investment in your future that you will have ever made. This powerful self-help book is written directly for students. You can actually teach yourself to become smarter in an easy fun way. Take my advice and do it with a buddy. You will become better in everything you do. Wow!

Michael Fullan
Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

About Michael Fullan, Ph.D.:
Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto International leader on educational change Author of many books, published in many languages, including Learning Places (2006), The Moral Imperative of School Leadership (2003), Change Forces with a Vengeance (2002), Leading in a Culture of Change (2001), The New Meaning of Educational Change (2001),  What’s Worth Fighting for in the Principalship (1997).

Roland Barth, Ph.D. 

"StudyWhiz is a powerful learning tool. Using StudyWhiz, students can enhance their natural abilities to learn and experience the joy and satisfaction of learning in school and throughout their lives. When students are empowered to generate ideas, classrooms become vibrant incubators for the exchange of knowledge."

About Roland Barth, Ph.D.:
Consultant to schools, state departments of education, universities, foundations and businesses in the United States and abroad Author of five books, including Learning by Heart (2000), and Improving Schools from Within (1990).

Founding Director of the Principals' Center, Harvard University
Former Director, Study on Harvard Graduate School of Education and Schools
Former Assistant to the Deans at Harvard University and Princeton University

Lucianne Carmichael

"StudyWhiz is about empowerment, about freeing the brain to do what it does best. It's visually organized to be easily accessible to students and it invites students to take responsibility for what is theirs, i.e., their own learning process. StudyWhiz invites teachers to be co-learners with their students and it informs their own practice. StudyWhiz facilitates the defining principle of a school – a place where everyone is teaching and everyone is learning."

About Lucianne Carmichael:

Potter, Principal
Author, McDonough 15: Becoming a School
First Visiting Practitioner, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cofounder (with Joe Carmichael) and Director, A Studio in the Woods, a non-profit
artists' retreat within (a Mississippi bottomland) preserved forest

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