Letter to Students

Dear Student,

This is your lucky day!

If you’re holding this book, then you’re still in school.  And I bet there are times when you’d like to do better, improve your grades, finish your homework, and still have time left to spare!

We, at StudyWhiz, want you to know: All those things are possible.  You’ll see.

It’s sad that many people confuse being smart with having a high I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient).   The truth is, being intelligent is not at all the same as being smart.  

Intelligence describes a property of the mind that involves many related capabilities, such as the ability to reason, solve problems, think abstractly, use language, and understand ideas.  Some experts teach that intelligence also includes creativity, emotions, and personality. 

Do you have a friend you would describe as highly intelligent?  Several names are probably popping into your head.  Do all of them get straight A’s?  

Smart, on the other hand, describes the ability to effectively gather facts, practice in ways that improve performance, and form conclusions to help you achieve a desired goal.

Smart is more about using your brain to your advantage than about using your brain to reason.  In other words, being smart is what you do with what you have.

As such, being smart is something everybody can get better at.  The StudyWhiz motto is this: “Smart Is Self Taught.”  We hope you agree!

Most people are smarter than they know.  Your brain is a sneaky little organ that quietly nudges you in the right direction without giving you a clue.  Scientists tell us that 90% of our thinking goes on slightly below our level of consciousness, which means you’re thinking without knowing it.  It’s harder to stop than to start!  

The secret to becoming smarter is to learn how you are naturally smart—and develop these talents to your advantage.  For the more you understand how your brain learns and can direct this incredible guidance system, the more your school performance will improve. There is only one catch.  Getting smarter takes practice.  It is a trial and error process that requires . . . work.  You will need to be on a best-friend basis with your incredible pattern-making brain and practice using it on purpose.  

That’s why smartness can only be self-taught.  
Then you can practice thinking about your own thinking.  This is mental work that can be learned.  (Eating brain-food and getting brain-rest is part of the work!) 

If your goal is to enjoy school, get awesome grades and prepare for future success, decide now to become a self-directed and life-long learner.  

Repeat after me: I WILL (I will) BECOME A (become a) SELF-DIRECTED (self-directed) AND LIFE-LONG (and life-long) LEARNER! (LEARNER!).

You must also learn to create a good fit between how your brain works best and what you are trying to accomplish.  In school, this means discovering how you can overcome personal challenges.  StudyWhiz will help with that too.  

StudyWhiz helps you teach yourself to learn in smarter ways.  That’s why it’s called “self-directed.”  If you are making average grades, you can expect those grades to improve.  If you are already making above average grades, expect exceptional grades.  If you are struggling in school (or in one subject area), brace yourself for the shock of your life.

We told you this would be your lucky day!


Clif St. Germain
Deb Fetch
Gene Brewer

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