A StudyWhiz training seminar is available for schools, professional associations and conferences. The purpose of this seminar is to introduce StudyWhiz to teachers and demonstrate how the materials can be used to:

• Maximize student engagement
• Facilitate classroom interactions
• Require students to "dig deeper"
• Accommodate a wide range of student performance levels
• Create tangible learning products
• Foster ongoing student reflection
• Encourage student-to-student collaboration

The seminar is offered for groups that range in size from less than 20 to more than 100. This seminar provides school districts the option of offering district-wide training for teachers in specific grades or subject areas. The seminar is taught on-site for the customer's convenience.

For pricing information and answers to questions about scheduling training, please send an email or call (Office) 985-674-2800 or (Mobile) 770-480-7500

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